Advertisements Are The Foundation And Fuel Of The Mass Media Essay

1466 Words Apr 15th, 2016 null Page
Advertisements are everywhere around us, and today it is one of the most vital marketing communicators. Advertisements are the foundation and fuel of the mass media. The main goal of the mass media is to introduce the audience to advertisers, just like the televisions programs attempt to introduce consumers for commercials. Advertisements are a form of art that are designed to persuade a consumer to buy a certain product or even look a specific way. Throughout the research, the main issue discussed is the misconception of how both women and men should look. More specifically, how advertisements constantly deceit consumers into false ideals. Advertisements reveal ideas of love, sexuality and beauty, and also reinforce stereotypes by creating and depicting these ideals throughout similar advertisements. I plan to exploit the harmful stereotypes, and detrimental perceptions of sexuality, and other social issues. Advertisements are augmenting ideas of racism, sexism, materialism and ageism, which is causing both emotional and physical harm to society. Flawed ideals of beauty are negatively impacting society and more importantly young children. When young children see the false perceptions of beauty, they will pursue those ideals. Not only does this affect how women perceive themselves, but it also impacts how men perceive women. Furthermore, the deception created in these images are highly undetectable, and eventually leads women in particular down a path of strict…

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