Advertisement Of The 50s Through The 80s Essay

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Advertisement from the 50s through the 80s The mechanics of advertising on television remain fairly similar throughout the ages. We’ll explore 3 different television advertisements throughout three decades and compare the similarities and differences of each advertisement. The advertisements reviewed are from the 50s, 70s, and 1980s. Each advertisement is designed to appeal to three different demographics. The first being a teen audience, the second and adult audience, the final being marketed primarily to children. The advertisement from the 1950s is for Coca Cola. The advertisement features various groups of happy teenagers hanging out at the drive in drinking Coke. The spoken message of the advertisement proclaims “Any time, any place, is a good time for Coke!”. The majority of the commercial has a musical jingle proclaiming only Coke can give you a refreshing new feeling. The advertisers blatantly proclaim throughout that Coke can make you happy in a way only Coca Cola can. The inferred message implies the a Coca Cola drinker is hip and cool. The commercial features teenagers dressed in popular dress of the times, all with huge smiles on their faces. Each man has a pretty girl on his arm giving them “googly” eyes. Drinking Coca Cola obviously will get the man a girl, and a girl a boy. The message is that Coca Cola will help make you cool and popular. Coke advertisements are similar today, just with different locations and dress. Since many…

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