Co-Ed Schools Vs Same Sex Schools Essay

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Why a Same Sex School Education is Better
Enhancing the educational system and academic institutions has always been an important topic in the United States. Many people argue about what is the best method of teaching to development how students learn. It is particularly important and pertinent in improving high school students’ education and how it differs depending on gender. Some parents resort to same sex schools as a way to mitigate the problem and decrease the gender gap in educational success. Single-sex schools are better than co-ed schools because they eliminate certain distractions in class and allow for a more specialized teaching method to better student learning.
Mixed gender classes can be a distraction. It is particularly noticeable in high school. One of the many distractions in high school is the opposite gender. For example, boys will try to impress girls rather than pay attention in class. It is also the same for girls. Girls are more likely to wear short and revealing clothing
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Being in a single-sex school will empower young women to succeed as confident, independent, thinking leaders. It also allows boys to relax and pursue more artistic interest. For example, in an article about single sex schools and how they break down stereotypes, there was a statement that said, “boys in single-gender classrooms…are much more likely to pursue interests in art, music, drama, and foreign languages. Both girls and boys have more freedom to explore their own interests and abilities than in the coed classroom” (“Home Introduction”). This is one of the ways single sex schools break down stereotypes. People also mention that eventually it could be hard for students to assimilate into mixed gender society; when actually many schools offer opportunities for the male and female students to get together and interact. It allows students to see how the genders learn differently; similarly to how their teachers educate

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