School Cafeteria Research Paper

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Revolutionizing School Cafeterias
Are you happy with the food your school is feeding you? Though some people believe schools already give you all you need as a meal and fast food restaurants can cause kids to become obese, others believe schools would make more money off of the kids because theyĺl buy food they like, plus theres a variety to choose from.
Some people argue schools need to maintain a traditional cafeteria. For example, they believe this because lunch program is the only program in the school that actually makes money. They are wrong because schools hold fundraisers, like selling candy bars, having car washes and other activities that could help the school make money, and sell products to make money for the school. Students also
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“The epidemic of obesity and diabetes, along with Food Eating Disorders makes it important that students learn healthy eating habits. Even though students get only 20% of their meals at school, this is an opportunity to teach them proper dietary choices- as it is the only area where they will learn these necessary life skills.” (“Philosophy and Benefits”). A large percentage of students believe school lunches are inedible and would rather get food from restaurants or from home. ¨Although fast food has a reputation for being high in calories and fat, that is slowly changing with the rise of the health-conscious population, which is increasing the demand for healthy food options.¨ (¨Advantages¨). Students feel they need to eat whatever tastes good to them and school food is not that. School food isn’t as healthy as schools make it out to be. It is just as unhealthy, if not more, as fast food and fast food restaurants are improving their menus. There are many reasons why children don’t like school food. Reasons such as, it’s unappetizing, unhealthy, and flavorless. If you pay attention to the students, you will always see at least one with some sort of fast food in their hands. It is plain to see that students like fast food more than anything else you give them, apart from any junk food. Schools would benefit so much from this idea, it’s obvious they should add a food court to the

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