Advantages Of Internet With Children Essay

1658 Words Nov 28th, 2016 7 Pages
Nowadays, society is growing, more progress more civilized. But with the development of growth that the science and engineering technology and a modern, more advanced. It 's hard to imagine life without the Internet would be like. In this argumentative essay, I would like to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Internet with children. Today, children are introduced to the Internet pretty early and many parents seem unexpected dangers they face. According to the latest research from Kaspersky collaboration with international organizations B2B shows, 21% of users have lost important information or even money from their children 's activity on the network caused. However, these data are not entirely surprising that 44% of respondents believe that their children know little about computer technology; and 35% of parents said that their children did not know about the dangers out there. Because of this subjectivity that parents have allowed their children to be comfortable to use mobile devices for online needs. The latest research also shows that one in five parents surveyed who confirmed there was one lost money or important data for the online activities of their children. In particular, 12% of parents said their children were accidentally deleted important information, 6% faced with bills from the app store after their children have access to the network. Meanwhile, only 32% of parents worry that their children may be spending more money on online activities…

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