Advantages Of Dedicated E Book Reader Essay example

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Advantages of dedicated e-book Reader:
• E-book readers like Nook create accessibility, are handy & less straining on user’s eyes than Computers.
• Multiple books can be stored in one reader and are generally cheaper, so it’s both space & money saving.
• Functionalities like dictionary, text-to speech and searches provide additional value to the user.
For the success of e-book readers it is necessary to target the audience based on usage and age groups as this will help us marketing our devices in different manner to them and earn maximum market. They are:
• High usage users of age 35-50 who can use it to read subscriptions along with books.
• Younger low usage users who will be using their smartphones frequently & e-book readers for reading books.

Publishers & E-books:
• E-books have opened a new venue for sales to publishers they have effectively increased their profit albeit cannibalizing some of their in-store sales.
• Cost of publishing e-book is cheaper, as it saves the costs of distribution, inventory, printing and binding.
• DRM rights and other restrictions decreased the loss in sales due to borrowing and gifting of old books.
Despite these positive effects publishers faced few drawbacks too as they were no longer able to set the prices as freely, got tied to the format & device, had to adapt to technology or face dire consequences and the risk of piracy was high.

Publishers still play an important role in the market as they have contracts with authors, bear…

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