Carbon Capture

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Carbon capture and storage
Carbon capture and storage is a technology that industrial carbon is taken from the ground to be stored permanently and safely, and away from the mobile carbon pool.[1] This is a very attractive technology due to reducing the harmful gases produced by burning fossil fuels, which may be reduce global warming. This essay will discuss methods of capture and storage, impacts of environment and economic.
2.carbon capture
There are 3 main methods to carbon dioxide capture: including capture from power generation, from other industrial processes, and from air directly.[2]
2.1 capture from power generation
Reports suggest that CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion accounted for more than a half of total
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However, after using CCS technology, a significant decrease can be seen for any of them. The value of post-combustion and oxy-fuel combustion capture in PC plants are 200 and 170 kg CO2 eq./MWh respectively. The drop is about 80%. Similarly, for IGCC and CCGT, the drops are about 80% and 60%.
4.2 impact of enhanced oil recovery(EOR)
As mentioned in section 3.1, the use of CO2 in oil or gas reservoirs can enhance oil recovery, which is widely applied in EOR technique. For example, the Permian Basin oilfields in United States uses CO2 primarily sourced from naturally occurring CO2 reservoirs.[2] It is demonstrated that injecting CO2 into depleted gas reservoirs is already practiced, for example in the GAZ de France K12-B field in the North Sea.[2] The injection of CO2 can benefits EOR, which means that it is also beneficial to both environment and economic.
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If there are some unforeseen permeable leakage on stored CO2, it will possibly have bad effects of the marine or terrestrial environment. In this situation, even a very low rate of leakage may cause an increase of CO2 concentrations in atmosphere.[3] Another serious issue could damage CO2 storage is earthquake. Although new developed sensors and monitoring equipment are applied in order to observe and monitor, it is still resolve earthquake.[3] Furthermore, CCS is a new technology that there have to be a period of time for public to understand and accept as other new

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