Advantages Of African Americans In The Civil War

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Hunter Marshall
May 6th 2016
Mr. Mehos
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African Americans Aid The North

Without the Aid of the African Americans the North would have lost the Civil war against the South. 180,000 African americans volunteered to help the North fight against the South, Lincoln credits these men of color as the reason the North won the war. For Northern blacks, the Emancipation Proclamation represented an enormous victory, and many urged their sons to enlist. In Massachusetts, abolitionist governor John A. Andrew immediately mustered a regiment of African Americans, the Fifty-fourth Regiment of Massachusetts. At the time, there was widespread skepticism among whites about allowing blacks to fight. However this regiment was a step in the right
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The approach to the Fort was a long stretch of land open to the fort 's cannons, gunfire, and mortars, the first regiment was sent to cause a distraction for others to follow. The men of the 54th, with Colonel Robert Gould Shaw in the lead, kept moving over the stakes, through the ditch, and up the sand walls of the parapets, while many of their number were shot down. Shaw made it all the way to the top of the wall, waving his sword and urging his men on with “Forward, 54th!” At that moment, he was shot at least three times and fell to the sand. Shaw’s death was symbolic of the whole battle, which was a tragic disaster for the Union troops. By 10:30 p.m. the battle was over. Nearly half of the 600 men of the 54th were dead or mortally wounded. In all, the Federal casualties numbered 1515, the Confederate casualties only 174. Confederate troops piled the bodies into mass graves and buried Colonel Shaw with his black troops. This battle despite losing was a major step in the African Americans influence on the war, as they were now allowed to fight in all regiments around the

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