Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Interviews Essay

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Primary research entails collection of original data specifically for your own objectives. You would collect the data for your needs in research. The primary data is collected by you directly from the research. This data could be in the form of responses of people to questionnaires, interviews, surveys, and observations (OWL, 1995-2015). Furthermore, it is usually informed by secondary sources such as surveys by the government or other companies.
Disadvantages of using questionnaires:
• Like other evaluations, it is done usually after the event; therefore people tend to forget important issues.
• If the questionnaire is too long, people tend to answer carelessly.
Advantages of using questionnaires:
• A large amount of information can be collected in a short period of time and cost effective.
• May be analyzed more scientifically and objectively than other ways of research.
Disadvantages of using interviews:
• Interviews may be costly
• Interviews may be very time consuming.
Advantages of using interviews:
• Allow more detailed questions to be asked.
• Interviews can be used to get detailed information about the persons personal feeling, their perceptions and opinions.
Disadvantages of using observations:
• Many people become uncomfortable when being watched and could change their behavior while being observed.
• Interruptions during an observation could affect the tasks being performed. Advantages of using observations:
• With observations, you have first-hand knowledge…

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