Advantages And Disadvantages Of Technology In Richard Louv's Article

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Now a days, you hear people talking about how technology ruins how people view nature. Which I could see being true. Considering the fact that people don't really have emotions because they are so used to hiding behind screens. Often times it makes you wonder how different things would be without how great technology has been. Sometimes we just have to think about what we can do to stop it all. Obviously, Technology has its advantages and disadvantages as Louv states within his article.

First of all, we have how technology is affecting kids today and how Louv believes we can fix this type of situation. In the text, it is said that technology has become such a part in everyday life that we feel like we need it in order to survive. Richard Louv talks about this because he wants to make it a point that a lot of things happen for a reason but we should allow them to happen because it can help in the future for things relating to technology or
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These are just a few of the disadvantages and advantages of technology that Louv points out within this whole thing. Technology has affected our everyday life and made it hard to live and be social if you aren't one who is sufficient with technology. Louv says "advertisers already stamp their messages into the wet sands of public beaches." Louv says this because he is trying to make it a point that there are ads in ever day life. Children today find joy out of playing video games which is something that I never could find joy in, we are coming to a point in which we might be the last generation to go out and enjoy nature. This is all in relation to Louv's article because it talks about how we should focus on nature more then technology. As he says we all need to focus on what is happening in the world and worry less about how pretty they are or how out of date they are. We should all try to live in the nature and know what it will be

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