Advantages And Disadvantages Of Person-Centred Counselling

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Register to read the introduction… PCC counsellors focus on the whole person and by helping the client to listen to their organismic valuing process they can help the client move towards their full potential. Most humans have a strong need for positive regard from those around them but if this is given conditionally they continue to search for unconditional positive regard and eventually lose their sense of self and behave as others perceive them. This in turn leads to the client losing trust in their valuing process and self-actualisation becomes …show more content…
The therapist becomes a facilitator for the client to direct the way they wish the sessions to proceed and therefore reach their own conclusions. Feeling in control can often feel very empowering, particularly when perhaps the client has little control in their day to day life. Person Centred Counselling also encourages the client to explore current problems rather than delve into the past.

However, if the client is not helped to find resolutions by whatever method appears to be the most suitable the counselling process may become unnecessarily prolonged and the client despondent and demoralised due to lack of progress.

Person centred counselling has the advantage that it deals in the here and now so when the client presents to the counsellor the discussion is about what has brought them to seek help today and doesn’t delve into past events particularly from childhood. It also recognises and values the whole person.

The disadvantage of this is that regularly the problems a client may have in the present could be as a result of past experiences. Without delving in to the client’s past it could be that it is difficult to make progress in a forward direction thus prolonging treatment
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This individuality means that for some clients Person Centred Counselling will not be successful. Those who have had very negative influences in their lives may become dependent on the positive regard the therapist shows them and not feel the pressure they may need to instigate change. If the therapist is too permissive and doesn’t help the client find solutions treatment may become very prolonged resulting in the client feeling a failure and discontinuing treatment. Another drawback to relying only on Person Centred Counselling could be that their problems may be due to past experiences and as this type of counselling only concentrates on the present it will be almost impossible to make progress with the

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