Advantages And Disadvantages Of Love Marriage

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Marriage has been a delicate part of human’s life. At some point of life, when a person who wants to tie the knot of marriage with another person of the opposite gender, the one is building a personal relationship and it can be with a complete stranger or someone the person know since a time. It’s been debate over the different system of marriage among cultures that which system of marriages is actually good and has better aftermaths. The arrange marriage in which family has the most influence in choosing the life partner or the love marriage in which the one who wishes to get marry has an independent choice in choosing his or her life partner. The main intention of marriage is a tie of relationship between a couple that last forever, and more the marriage is on our choice the more chances of its lasting are. In love marriage, the couple knows more about the family, positive and negative points of each other’s and love is the main antecedence set in a love marriage if choosing a life partner is a personal choice, not compelled. Hence, the love marriage is more likely to sustain a forever and happy relationship between the married couple.
The cultures in which the arrange marriage system is favored, believe that if the marriage is arranged by family and is based on their influence. The married couple will have a better support from family when things
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As one is not marrying a complete stranger and is aware of their spouse’s family. The couple has a better settlement in living with each other as they knows about the habits and characteristics of each other before the marriage and more important love is the main antecedence set in a love marriage and love is the most important component of a happy married

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