Technology's Impact On Millennials

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Times have changed throughout the years, we now live in an era of technology and because of that the world is face paced. Those born between 1980-2000 are known as millennials and those born between 1966-1979 are known as generation x. They are many differences between these two for example their home life. Millennials were mostly raised in a divorced household while generation x was raised in a dual income family. Technology made a big impact on millennials, now everything or anyone can be contacted online through email, text, or a phone call. These generations grew up in a different environment from each other and because of that their point of view of family and marriage differ from each other. I will be interviewing both my cousins a …show more content…
Most the guys her age do not want to settle down making it hard to find a serious boyfriend. I agree with both Maria and Yessenia dating now seems harder to find a partner. Hooking up has made dating harder because with all the social media you constantly think about your partner being unfaithful, it can be either physically or emotionally cheating. Now that more people are waiting longer to get married they do not want to settle down right away.

Q) Is Cohabitation an indicator of less or more of a commitment when it comes to marriage?
M) Maria talks about when she decided to move in with her now husband her parents were not happy with her decision. Although they decided to get married after a year together it was due to family pressure. Coming from a very traditional family her mother wanted to see her married. Although Maria got married she thinks that cohabitation is less of a commitment to marriage because once the couple lives together they get used to the routine they do not think about marriage .Some couples might even think that cohabitating is already a big commitment and they do not see marriage
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She also said that those couples that decide to stay together decide that they are already living the marriage life and push marriage away until it is no longer a priority anymore. I would agree with both Yessenia and Maria, I am also cohabitating with my boyfriend we both see it as a big commitment that we do not even talk about marriage because for us it is just a piece of paper. For all of us cohabitation is an indicator of a less commitment when it comes to marriage.

Q) Looking at your past relationships what made you determine that your past boyfriend/girlfriend was not the person you were meant to marry? For example: Social class, background or personality traits.

M) Maria’s past relationships did not work out because two of the guys she dated were more focused on their career or unemployed. Antonio cared more about his career and Maria knew she did not want that life. She already saw lonely nights wondering if Antonio was being unfaithful. Jesus on the other hand was unmotivated and unemployed. Although they did have a fun time together she did not see herself marrying him. In that future she saw many fights regarding money and worrying about him not wanting a steady

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