Advantages And Benefits And Challenges Of Diversity In Schools

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Diversity in School Adding diversity has benefits and challenges which are explored in two article written by Great Staff School and an Excerpt of a Brochure called Benefits and Challenges of Diversity in School (Benefits and Challenges). Having diversity can play a huge role in shaping a student’s academic’s experience. Taking conflicting sides on issue of diversity in school and approach their views in a very competent way. Great School Staff is an advocate for diversity, however Benefits and Challenges oppose it. I think the benefits outweigh the challenges because it opens a whole new world.
In Benefits and Challenges, they point out the challenge of bullying and Isolations which are linked in similar cases. Minority students in predominantly white schools find themselves feeling isolated because they experience discrimination and mistreatment, a result of bullying. Causing them to feel uncomfortable eventually steering them away from their academics so their grades decline. In time forming anxiety for the minority and majority. Making it hard for them to interact with each other.
However, in article
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With different cultures and ethnic groups comes with different expectations of that group that is not true. For instance, the generalization that an African American man has more athletic ability than a Caucasian man. In the Article Benefits and Challenges of Diversity in Schools they point how we apply generalizations about a certain group to one particular person in that group. We basically have a bad habit of making the action of a minority represent their ethnic group as a whole. It is hard not to apply those generalizations to people but studies have shown a white student with a white teacher rather than a black student has more attention than and will be willing the white student faster than the black student. In a result causing favoritism among

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