Advancements On 3d Digital Technology Essay

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Innovations on 3D Printers
The latest innovation about 3D changes the way we think about dentistry. Dental researchers have been working towards the creation of 3D printed tooth made of antimicrobial plastic that kills bacteria responsible for tooth decay. Researchers have developed the key steps in fighting bacteria accumulation of the teeth by finding the right material to be used in the 3D printer. Researchers have been able to coat the materials with human saliva thus been able to expose it to the bacteria that causes tooth decay. There has been room for optimism due to the role of 3D printing in the field of dentistry. 3D companies can print natural teeth and gums to create a life-like model for specialists in dentistry.
Just like vehicles, 3DD printers have to be replaced after a certain number of times since human beings have parts that need to be replaced after a certain number of years. The exponential digital technology has been improved in recent years. There has been increased speed in customized human body parts which creates certainty to every patient that they are going to be well.
With the availability of 3D printing devices, there comes a possibility of medical miracles. It is because doctors and researchers have been able to duplicate human body parts through 3D printing. 3D printing can suit everyone regardless of their levels of income. People all over the world can have the access to medical technologies that were out of reach a decade ago. 3D printing…

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