Adult Developmental Perspectives And How They Impact Personal Adult Development

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Adult Developmental Perspectives and How They Impact Personal Adult Development Examining adult development is a vital process in which adult educators can become more knowledgeable and better equipped to handle the necessities of the adult learner. There is much research and many perspectives on how adults develop. As adult educators explore these perspectives they not only gain an enriched perspective on how they personally developed, they are afforded an even greater opportunity in discovering how these perspectives impact the adult learner’s development. After researching three key perspectives on adult development; biological (the nature in adult development); psychological (internal development), and sociocultural (society, human relations, and historical situations), the purpose of this paper is to deliver how selected perspectives are relatable, as well as how they have influenced my personal development. Additionally, this paper will discuss how this new knowledge gained is applicable in my goals as an adult educator and what other resources are equally important to explore in an effort to effectively assist adult learners. Viewing personal aging from a biological perspective and how it impacts personal adult learning, the realization that this body has and is continually changing is eye-opening. Where once reading street signs and reading material was done clearly and without any aids, it has now changed into annual visits at the ophthalmologist office to…

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