Adoptive Vs. Biological Rights Essay

753 Words Dec 15th, 2016 4 Pages
Adoptive vs. Biological Rights “Adoption is a transformational process bringing parenthood to those who long for but cannot bear children and giving stranded children home, family, and their place in the world”(Van Der Pas). The most important aspect in the adoption process are the children involved. Therefore finding the right home for them is a long difficult process. A person making a decision to adopt, is engaging in a life long decision. It is a contract between multiple parties. It’s ultimately a commitment between adoptive parents, the child, and society. As a consequence adoptive parents are able to provide a good life for their child, a stable home, health, education, love, and psychological support if is necessary. “In the world of biologic parenting, all too many children are raised by parents who neither planed for nor wanted them, and the evidence shows that this is a problematic for both the parents and the children” (Bartholet). Some biological parents are drug and alcohol abusers, become physical and emotionally abusive, and aren 't financial equipped. On the other hand, adoptive parents have to go trough a rigorous process on investigation and qualification in order to adopt. These include federal and state background check, financial qualification and psychological assessment. I personally believe the rights of adoptive parents should be given more rights compared to that of birth…

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