Adoption Records And Original Birth Certificates Essay

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All around the world there are families that were separated due to adoption, but later on in those families lives they may have decided they want to meet that child sent off into a new life. All around the country states claim that having sealed adoption records and original birth certificates is a form of privacy for the original birth parents. Many families have gone through heartbreak while trying to reach out to these original families due to the policies states have set on adoptions. Having an open adoption means all records are unsealed and easy to get ahold of, as to closed adoption when it is nearly impossible to reach any records at all. Twenty years ago, only one percent of adoptions were open adoptions but now sixty to seventy percent of adoptions are now open! There are many different advantages to an open adoption, some of those being that there is a constant direct relationship with the adopted child and their birth parent, medical and other records are easily gainable and the children have more of a sense of worth to know why they were put where they were. Open adoptions do not always have to be all open, you can choose when a child can speak to their adopted parents, most adopted children seek their original birth families once they become legal adults.
Birth parents have many advantages to open adoption, a lot of parents who give a child up for adoption always wonder later on down the road how that child is doing but, instead of wondering they can now…

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