Adoption And Foster Care Case Study

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There are about 397, 122 children that are living in the United States that do not have permanent homes. These children are under the care of the foster care system. Out of those children 101, 666 that are eligible for adoption only 32% will get adopted, but only after waiting a 3 year process. In 2012, there were 7,000 children that were adopted in the United States. The children that were adopted mostly came from Ukraine, Ethiopia, Haiti, and the Democratic Republic of Congo (Congressional Coalition On Adoption Institute, 2015).
Adoption and Foster Care Adoption can be a stressful process for the parents and children. The family goes through changes of having a new member in their family. The child has to get used to the lifestyle of their
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This helps children, because, they are able to be encouraged in their own personal creativity. This type of family cannot be a good match for a child that needs structure. Otherwise the home can become very chaotic. The family can be very accepting of different people that race, color, or age will bring value to the family. This family would be a better match for an adolescent who need to work on his or her independence (Ward, 1997). Open families will focus on everyone, which is the individual and the family group. This family will have good communication skills and will work together to solve problems. If a parent becomes to involve in another child it could affect the children, because they would feel left out. The close relationship the family has will help a child that lacks nurture. These families work very well with the case workers, because they are willing to participate in working with the adopted child (Ward, 1997). Synchronous families use a lot of non-verbal gestures. It can be difficult for a child who cannot understand the non-verbal gestures. These families also tend to not ask for help unless they are unable to handle the situation. In which at times becomes more problematic. This makes it difficult for the case worker to intervene and help the family (Ward, 1997). It is important to be aware of the family dynamics since it will affect the future of the adopted …show more content…
It seems as if though there will not be major changes regarding this unless there is more awareness of its critical importance. Children by nature depend on their caregivers who can influence the child’s health and illness. Attachment can be closeness with a child and caregiver in order to be able to prepare a child for their future as parents and for their independence. “Bowlby’s suggested that early attachment experience creates internal working models- lifelong templates for preconceptions of the value and reliability of relationships, close and otherwise” (Rees,

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