Adolf Hitler's Plan To Eradicate The Jewish People

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English IV, 4th Hour
Hitler’s Plan to Eradicate Jewish People Hitler’s plan was set up in six stages: definition, stripping of rights, segregation, concentration camps, extermination camps, and aftermath. Hitler was obsessed with the idea of eliminating the Jewish culture because he was convinced that Jews were the reason that bad thing kept happening. He especially blamed them for their loss in World War I. During World War II, Adolf Hitler’s plan to eliminate the Jewish culture was not a simplistic idea, but one that was developed through the years. The first stage to eradication the Jews was definition. What is meant by definition is that he made it known which people were Jews and which people
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These camps were used to systematically kill millions. What Hitler was doing could also be known as a genocide, or the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation. “ Extermination Camps were killing centers designed to carry out genocide”(“The Final Solution” 1).The Jews were killed through extreme physical labor, starvation, disease, or gassing. Gassing was found to be the most effective solution. “ It was decided that the use of poisonous gas would be the most effective” (Sheehan 23). There was different types of gases used in every camp, but the two most common were carbon monoxide and Zyklon B. On arrival to theses camps, old men, women, and many young children were told they would be given a shower, but instead of taking a shower , they were killed.” The older women, men, and children were told that they would be given a shower, instead they were taken into gas chamber and killed”(Sheehan 26). Also, if Jews had a mental illness or a disability, you were killed. “ Germans with disabilities or mental illnesses were gassed to death in Euthanasia programs”(“Why did Hitler Hate Jews?” 4). After gassing and killing many Jews, the Jews that were kept to do labor had to clean up the chamber and remove bodies. “Jewish slave laborers were used during the gassing process to usher people into the undressing room and to clean up the undressing …show more content…
The Holocaust had lasted twelve years. It ended in 1945. In 1944, the soviets liberated a camp in Poland. From then on, the Soviets and the United States took over many camps. They were slowly removing Hitler from power. By the end of the war, there was approximately 50,000 to 100,00 survivors. “ For deaths of about six million Jews, two-thirds of Jews were killed”(“The Final Solution” 1). After all of this, the Soviets and the U.S. built camps for displaced Jews to stay. “ Survivors of the camps found it nearly impossible to return home, as in many cases they had lost their families and been denounced by their non-Jewish neighbors” (“The Holocaust” 4). The camps for displaced Jews lasted until 1957, when the Jews had been rehomed. No one knew what the future held for the Jewish community.So Jews basically had to start from scratch and rebuild their culture. Even though, Hitler’s plan to eradicate the whole Jewish culture was not successful, he did eliminate a large number of them. His plan was a well educated one that he had came up with over many years, and would have probably worked if he would have had more time. His reasoning for doing this were not right, but in his mind , Jews were the reason for everything bad that happened. Thankfully, the Soviets and the United States stopped Hitler and his Nazi regime, and ended the Holocaust. Even though the Jews were left with barely anything, they had a chance to start over

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