Adolf Hitler : The Greatest Leader Of The 20th Century Essay

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While I’m sure we can all agree that Adolf Hitler wasn’t the best human being ever, Hitler may have been one of the best leaders of the twentieth century. Born April 20th, 1889 and died April 30th, 1945, was an Austrian-born German politician who was a leader in the Nazi party, Germanys chancellor from 1933 to 1945 and Fuhrer of Nazi Germany from the year 1934 to 1945, (David 1998.) He can be attributed to be a good leader because of various reasons: He was a leader with visions; he was a strategist; he was a good orator; he had the interest of both his country and the citizens at hand; he was so convincing. Each of these attributes is explained below.
A visionary leader
Hitler was able to exploit the state of depression or recession and higher inflation rate that citizens of German were suffering under, (Keegan 1989). Being one of the conservative nationalist leaders that have existed, Hitler built a picture of prosperity to Germany as a nation by having an ample lebensraum, a living space to restore their national pride as a country and allow the whole society to grow perfectly, (Geoffrey 2000). This forced him to aim the living space which was coming from a Jewish controlled Russia, (Geoffrey 2000). He also had a mission of making his country a better place for all citizens, (Keegan 1989). What a leader, if he had visions for his country and people of which all were of good intention then it can be concluded that he was really a good leader. A leader with no visions does…

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