Adolf Hitler, Auschwitz Birkenau, And The End Of Wwii Essay

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Hello readers and today this paper will leave you speechless and leaving you wanting more of this information. This is information is factual and very creditable I got this from various article that I found on line and I wanted to inform you about that stuff that has happened in this world. My research paper is about Adolf Hitler, Auschwitz Birkenau, and The End of WWII.
I am going to summarize the article I read about Adolf Hitler, He when he was a young he lived with he Austrian parent Adolf Hitler was the symbol of hatred for the Jewish people at this time(Gerhard) . For some reason we know Adolf Hitler despised the Jewish people and thought they were inferior and a threat to Germany and the whole world so he had them put in ghettos subjected of from the rest of the world but at a later date put them in concentration camps. He later on killed the Jewish people because he was running out of time so he used the final solution to try to end Jewish people’s existent and wipe them off the planet. Hitler took charge by using his iron fist to scare politicians away a good quote from him is “All great movements are popular movements. They are the volcanic eruptions of human passions and emotions, stirred into activity by the ruthless Goddess of Distress or by the torch of the spoken word cast into the midst of the people” ( were many man to Hitler 's side but his right hand man was Heinrich Himmler he was a brute just like Hitler but he was the one who got…

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