Adolf Hitler And The Dystopian Society Essays

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Many people who live in democracies often take their rights and freedom for granted, thinking that it is a reality for all people, even in the past. However, this was not a social norm for some people. During WW2 Nazi Germany lived in a state of dystopia for its citizens under the rule of Adolf Hitler. Dystopia is a type of society in which the government 's choices affect the imbalance within the population of the given nation; Adolf Hitler made different decisions that altered the dystopian effect in Germany. When one effectively analyzes the dystopian society in Germany, one must take account for the decisions that the leader made to put the country into dystopia, the impacts and influences that these changes may have had on the people, and the methods that this being taught to younger generations through literature. Hitler made many changes in Germany including turning it into a regime where he aimed for a perfect society and economic stability among the country. 1925 was a year when Germany 's economy took an unstable turn; despite this, there were people proposing promising ideas that could have restored the economy, yet everything fell when the international failure devastated Germany. Hitler knew the economy was crumbling and he used that as a lure for people to be apart of his regime. Hitler made many changes in Germany, including turning it into his reign where he aimed for a perfect race and promised a fixed economy to troubled Germans. “Adolf Hitler, a…

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