Essay Adolf Hitler And His Nazi Ideology

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The new holidays were not the only things that allured the German people. Hitler had envisioned a whole aesthetic for new age, one complete with an official title: Aryan. Much of this new Nazi aesthetic based around the glorification of this blonde haired, blue eyed superhuman race. The arts and cultural organizations in Germany were quickly synchronized to reflect this Nazi ideology.. This new art dove into themes of the heroism of war, purity, and violence(United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, 2015). By hiding allusions of violence and war into art, Hitler was subtly preparing the German me for war by manipulating them to believe they would be heroes if they fought for Hitler, which showed his efficiency as a leader. However one of Hitler’s greatest passions in life was architecture(Lambert, 2014). Hitler believed that monuments had a way of creating awe among the nations, and was convinced that they could be used as powerful weapons that convey political supremacy(Lambert, 2014). Hitler’s ingenious, less conventional weapon was used to tell other countries that Germany had the means for such a project and create international envy which made Germany and consequently Hitler made look more successful. Hitler’s biggest project was the Volkeshalle, a dome that would be able to accommodate 180 000 people, making it the biggest dome in the world(Lambert, 2014). This was meant to provide the German people with a nationalist feeling by giving them something to be proud of and…

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