Essay on Adolf Hitler And Benito Mussolini

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Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini were like each other in many ways. Both were devoted Fascists, and both became dictators of their countries at similar times using similar strategies. This was not surprising, as Hitler had seen the success of Mussolini’s rise to power and was inspired to do the same in Germany. The two shared a common, clever strategy in taking power in a completely legal fashion. Their arrival in their governments and the laws they made that allowed them to run legal dictatorships were a major factor in their rise to power. How each man gained popularity was similar as well because of their shared views on issues such as Communism. However despite all these similarities, Hitler and Mussolini did have their differences. They appealed to different groups of people; Hitler gained traction with the middle and lower class, while Mussolini was popular among Italy’s upper class. Hitler’s vehement anti semitism was also a difference between the two men, as Mussolini did not share the same passionate hatred towards Jewish people.

One way in which Hitler and Mussolini’s rise to power was similar was their strategy of taking power in a legal fashion. Mussolini’s March on Rome (1922) proved to be successful as King Victor Emmanuel III handed over the position of prime minister to Mussolini out of fear of the possibility of a civil war or being overthrown by his rivals. While it took Hitler a bit more time to learn that a violent takeover was not the wisest plan, he…

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