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Adolescent Self-Portrait Paper

March 4th, 2013


"When they were young teenagers, most of the participants had fairly healthy behaviors. What's really alarming is how rapidly healthy practices declined by the time the participants reached young adulthood." — Christine Bachrach ("Adolescence Quotes | Quotes about Adolescence", n.d.). Adolescence is a time to dramatic change, challenges, and growth, it is a miraculous that anyone survives. The experience of adolescence has not changed much until recently because of the access to technology. Prior to this adolescence was a predictable period of growth, a rite of passage for many young people.
What it feels like to be an
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MDEs impacted more than 2.1 million adolescents nationwide in the years 2004-2006 overall, adolescent females were almost three times more likely than the males to experience a MDE. By understanding these numbers and behavioral health differences between adolescent males and females we can target the different needs of adolescent males and females.

Issues that the group agrees on and disagrees on

The group agrees that adolescence is a difficult period with both physical and mental changes occurring at that time. It is a time span where an individual enters as child and comes out as an adult. Boy emerging as man and girl emerging as woman. During this passage a rebellious behavior surfaces as an act of establishing one’s identity. This desire to show that he or she is their own person sometimes leads into family chaos, resentment and the feeling that they are not understood. This leads in to bad habits of smoking, sometimes drugs and sexual experimentation without proper knowledge. An understanding parent, mentor can guide this energy in the right direction to help the child make right choices. Proper communication can resolve a lot of confusion from adolescent kids.


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