Adolescence Is A Transitional Stage Of Physical And Psychological Development

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Adolescence is considered a transitional stage of physical and psychological development. According to Arnett (2016), it is a period of life the life span between the time puberty begins and the time adult status is approached. A time when young people are preparing to take on the roles and responsibilities of adulthood in their culture. It is a time where both disorientation and discovery can occur. This stage in life is associated with self-identity and independence. Several adolescent children face difficult choices regarding sexuality, academic work, social life, drugs, and alcohol. However, this is a period in life where they must separate themselves from their parents and discover who they are. Throughout the course of the semester, we covered several topics relating adolescences to different life obstacles that occur during this stage in life. This course was designed to learn, share, and discuss how families with adolescent children encourage and handle these difficult situations they are faced with daily. Out the topics covered this semester, family conflict, parental separation, and divorce captured my interest the most. Being raised in a single parent household once my parents’ divorce was challenging at times. Now that I am older and aware of the situation, I completely understand why it was the best decision they separate. Per Amato (1993), parental divorce has a major impact on adolescents causing a decline in their psychological and emotional well- being.…

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