Admn233 Assignment4 Essay

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Part 1 Analyze and Plan (Questions 1 to 9) 20 marks
Refer as needed to material in Chapters 12 and 13. Read the instructions carefully and answer all questions clearly and concisely. Include examples to highlight your comments.
1. Explain the purpose of this report by formulating a clear, concise statement of purpose. Consult pages 279 and 280 in your textbook to decide what you must tell your readers in order for them to act on your recommendation(s). This statement should answer the following questions: What? To whom? Why? (2 marks)
To justify and recommend a plan for Board members to bring in new communications technology which can enhance company communication.

2. Describe the target audience for this report.
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Even though the first initial purchase and set up of the video conferencing may be expensive compared to what you would be paying long term for travel it brings down all costs quite a bit which is important in the current economic climate.
It helps productivity by not having to waste time traveling or waiting around for colleagues to show up or reply to an email, video conferencing makes it easy to have conversations and share data all at once.
There are a variety of programs to choose from to fit your company’s requirements.
This information is relevant to the report because all of these points help to show the benefits of investing in video conferencing.

11. Cite these five sources of information in APA style. Refer to pages B-4 and B-5 in Appendix B at the end of your textbook. (5 marks)
David Bello (2009). Can Videoconferencing Replace Travel? Retrieved July 17, 2013, from the American Scientific website.
Larry Karagheusian (2007). Can video conferencing up your productivity and reduce your costs? Retrieved July 17, 2013, from the Computer Weekly website.
William Fenton (2011). The Best Web Conferencing Software. Retrieved July 17, 2013, from PC magazine website.

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