Essay on Adequate Training Of Existing Staff

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Adequate training of existing staff in all aspects of Kangaroo Mother Care The manual is not a substitute for actual training of the KMC staff. KMC does not require additional staff, but all, if not most, existing staff at the clinics will be trained in KMC benefits, implementation, potential problems, and family-staff communication. Doctors at the clinic will be identified who can help lead this training, and a KMC training committee will be formed at the clinic so that a program of continuing education in the area of KMC is in place. The SNEHA KMC manual committee will be well versed with KMC and so will first train physicians. Then, both local physicians and SNEHA members will train the rest of the staff. A written and practical clinical evaluation that SNEHA will create based off the KMC manual will be administered to ensure the staff is up to par in the training before the initiation of KMC. Performance checklists will be created to also assess the trainee’s knowledge and skill retention every 6 months. This process will take no more than 3 months and comprise of bi-weekly training sessions. A KMC evaluation committee will be formed with health workers from the clinic, and SNEHA members as well. At this stage, the scores of the KMC evaluations will be measured, as well as the number of health providers trained in KMC.

Implementation of Kangaroo Mother Care in the clinic with a focus on education of the mother Implementation will began 6…

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