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Intelligence & Adaptive Behavior

Jennelle Dixson GCU SPE 553 10/21/2012

Intelligence & Adaptive Behavior
Students diagnosed with Intellectual disabilities display significant in the areas of adaptive behavior and intellectual functioning. It is a disability that must be diagnosed as occurring before age 18. Students diagnosed with intellectual disabilities can range from being mildly to severely intellectually
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Social skills are interpersonal skills like responsibility, self-esteem, following rules, and obeying the law, or being responsible are all considered social skills. Activities that everyone must do to live like eating, dressing, and going to the bathroom are practical skills. If a student displays behavior that demonstrates a deficient in one or more of these areas it could be an indicator that they have an intellectual disability.
There are a variety of problems associated with the assessments of students with intellectual disabilities. Students with intellectual disabilities often have more then one impairment. They may be visually and or hearing impaired. They are not standard or what is perceived as typical. Many special educators may have extensive knowledge in one field but know relatively little about another. Assessment experts who are knowledgeable in their specialized area of expertise may have little knowledge regarding students with intellectual disabilities. Many of the assessment tools utilized by educators developed for typical students are not appropriate or useful for students with intellectual disabilities. Even those with mild intellectual disabilities are unable to be scaled on standardized tests. The rate at which these students learn can be very slow and inconsistent. Their sensory, and

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