Adapting Activities And Environment : Empowering People Through Autonomy

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Adapting activities and environment:

Empowering people through autonomy, which means giving people freedom to make their own decision, is important as people should have control of their own lives so they don’t feel as if someone else is controlling their life for them e.g. making their own decisions in the activity. If they aren’t empowered in their choices then it would lead to the individual being left behind in the activities carried out and therefore be unable to enjoy the activity to its maximum extent. The individual may face barriers in the activity due to their lack of ability for example they might be in a wheel chair which means they need more space to move around so the furniture would need to rearranged or if they have language understanding difficulties and need a translator to help them understand. This could also cause problems if the location of the activity cannot provide required space for the individuals needs which means the individual is still limited to their part in the activity. For example if there is no space available for an individual to get to a certain place in the activity, they would only be able stay in one place which means they may not be able to work with someone they are comfortable working with which could lower their confidence as they could be shy. Also, if there is too much variation of the abilities in the group, all the possible ways of empowering them could be lowered due to the number of things they would have to change. The…

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