Activity And Experience Context : ' I Spy ' Rhyming Games And Worksheet Exercise

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Activity/Experience context:
A. Discover the verbs and rhyming words in the text: For student to gain understanding the meaning of the verbs and extend their knowledge about rhymes. Reinforce students learning by rhyme games and worksheet exercise.

1. Pointing to the words and read the story with class. Ask student to act the verbs out when the read through them.
2. On the board, compare the pairs of words that are used to describe Mr McGee 's movements, discuss the similarity and difference (e.g. the verbs spell differently but rhyme with each other).
3. Make a list of words on the board that rhyme together in the text, and repeat those rhyming words after the teacher (e.g. ground/found, here/there, jiggled/wiggled), then play the modified version of “I spy” rhyming game in class. (phonological awareness)
4. Worksheet is provided to the student. The worksheet require students to fill in the missing verbs for “Mr McGee and the Biting Flea” story, and to pair up the rhyming words together in a table. (Focus on the aspects of spelling and grammar too).

B. Introduce onomatopoeia: For student to understand what onomatopoeia is and to understand how it is use in the text. Then strengthen students learning by play onomatopoeia matching card games with class.

5. Introduce onomatopoeia (sound words that imitate sounds in real life), explain what it is and give example (e.g. oooooow, eeeeeewww, ouch.)
6. For students to share their own unique sound they make, then play…

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