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Active School Shooter Introduction The intention of this paper is to look at and present some issues and strategies that members of a school community think about when trying to create safer schools. Particularly when addressing an active shooter in a school setting. A major issue to consider when trying to keep all schools safe, is the simple fact that no two schools are the same. Understanding this can lead us to the conclusion that it is impossible to have one global plan or program that

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Together these things add up very quickly creating unprecedented levels of stress that can turn children into violent and dangerous individuals. Since this is such a big issue in today’s society, it is creating a negative image of the school system in the United States. The repercussions of school violence and particularly with school shootings, is detrimental to our society as a whole. It is every member of society’s responsibility to stop these violent activities in our schools. These activities are damaging all students’ futures, but school violence, especially in the United States, tarnishes our reputation as a country. Below is a table to show how school shootings do not just effect the United States but it also demonstrates that the United States has a major issue to address. The table only goes up to the year 2011 and we know that there have been many other school shootings since this data came out.

The start of the twenty-first century saw the increasing issue of school shootings. These shootings are not just limited to the United States, school shootings “have occurred in at least 23 different countries distributed on all continents, making them a global phenomenon.” (Heitmeyer, 2013.) The worst shootings have received massive media attention and have greatly increased fear and doubt about school safety.
School Security and Prevention of Violence
One major issue to
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