Act I, Scene I Essay example

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Act I, Scene I: Before an Audience “Acting is about communicating what it is like to be human: the pain, the laughs, the misery, the joy,” Rosamund Pike, British Actress of the late 1900’s words briefly yet thoroughly describe the feat of acting. Acting is not all there is to being an actor. There are various trials and competitions such as auditions and casting calls to go through prior to even being able to capture a job. After that, having the title of “actor” means hours devoted to memorizing lines and cues (Encyclopedia of Careers, 16). All this is still only the surface of all the actions that must be taken to really be an actor. Acting displays a mixture of various skills including memorization, speaking abilities, focus, and confidence before an audience.
There is a great deal of works to be done after someone has gotten a job as an actor. The most important actions would be to “Portray and interpret roles, using speech, gestures, and body movements, to entertain, inform, or instruct radio, film, television, or live audiences” (Occupation Profile). Before one does that, a person have to participate in dozens of competitive auditions and casting calls (27-2011.00). Rehearsing with other actors until the directors approve of the performance will take up most of an actor 's time while working (Actress). In his book, Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance, Will Ferguson talks about actors memorizing lines for hundreds of hours while having to take time to…

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