Acknowledgement Of Country And Indigenous Terms Of Reference Essay

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Topic 1- Acknowledgment to Country and Indigenous Terms of Reference.

Acknowledgement to Country is a statement that can be performed in both a formal or informal manner that recognises and respects the traditional landowners of this country and in particular the local region. It can be performed by a non Indigenous person and is delivered before a meeting, speech or formal occasion like a school assembly for example. (QLD Department of Education Training, 2015). This is an important protocol to Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander peoples, as it shows respect for them as the original custodians of the land, their culture and customs. Reflecting on our history, which saw the European occupation of Australia, whereby the British Law declared the land as ‘terra nullius’ (not belonging to anyone), thereby forcing Aboriginal clans to relocate and forbidding them to speak their language and engage in cultural traditions. (NSW Department of Health, 2004). Therefore following these protocols are important for all Indigenous and non Indigenous Australians in order to develop better community relationships by connecting through understanding and respecting their culture, customs and language and to acknowledge the hardships that Indigenous Australians still face. One way to incorporate Acknowledgement to Country in the classroom would be to involve the children in researching the custodians of the land in which the school stands. I researched my local area to find that the…

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