Acid Reflux Essay

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Acid Reflux: New ways to treat an old issue
Stacy C. Darracott
Professor Linda Flowers
Park University

For my position paper I plan to discuss the several techniques used in treating acid reflux. Since the majority of the population suffers from some form of Acid Reflux, myself included, I thought that this would be a great opportunity to do some research on the different treatments, and find out exactly why and what causes it. My paper will take a closer look at the non-pharmaceutical approaches that are surgical in nature or homeopathic in nature. Lastly, my paper will not only help the reader to understand what acid reflux is exactly, but will help to inform them as well as myself, to the every changing techniques and
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Although there are several studies to support this, the weight of the evidence suggests strongly that eradication of H. pylori has no effect on the development of heartburn and in fact does not exacerbate GERD symptoms when they are present at baseline.

Symptoms/Clinical Manifestations

Most common clinical manifestations are heartburn which is a burning feeling rising from the stomach or lower chest and radiating toward the neck, throat and occasionally back, regurgitation, chest pain, dysphagia. Symptoms occur after eating large meals, or after ingesting spicy foods, citrus products, fats, chocolates, caffeine and alcohol. These symptoms are related to reflux esophagitis or inflammation of the esophagus which is due to highly acidic reflux stomach contents.

Persistent GERD causes complications which includes esophageal strictures, Barrett esophagus (columnar tissue replacing the normal squamous epithelium of the distal esophagus, which is a significant risk for esophageal cancer). Pulmonary symptoms include cough, asthma, and laryngitis which are due to reflux into the breathing passages.

Less Common Symptoms:

Water brash = sudden appearance in the mouth of a slightly sour or salty fluid
Odynophagia = a severe sensation of burning, squeezing pain while swallowing caused by irritation of the esophagus burping hiccups nausea vomiting
Older patients are asymptomatic due to decreased acidity

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