Essay on Acid Rain Research

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Acid rain is rain that has become acidic, because of air pollutants in the atmosphere. Rain has a normal pH level of around 5-5.5 which is only slightly acidic. 7 on the pH scale is the neutral and anything below that is considered acidic. Acid rain has a pH level around 4 which is 10 times more acidic. Acid rain can fall in many different ways and has many effects on the environment. Acid rain is caused by air pollutants in the atmosphere. These air pollutants are mainly from man made resources such as factories and automobiles. The burning of fossil fuels is also one of the biggest factors that pollutes the air and causes acid rain. The primary emissions from man made resources are sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. The rain …show more content…
They can improve the air quality in several ways by making changes and using alternatives to harmful emitters of acidic chemicals. The first thing people can do to improve the air quality and lessen the amount of acid rain is to conserve energy and use less electricity and gasoline. People can turn off the lights, and drive less. An alternative to driving can be using public transportation. Another alternative is a hybrid or solar powered car. There are also new cars that use batteries or other energy sources that don’t harm the atmosphere. The amount of electricity used can also be easily decreased by turning off the tv, lights, and any other electrical device when not in use. People can also find alternatives to using high energy consuming products instead of limiting their usage. Many products have an energy star label or may run on solar power and should also be considered when trying to conserve energy. Most of the emissions that cause acid rain come from fossil fuels. Fossil fuels include coal, oil, and natural gas. One way to reduce the combustion of fossil fuels that emit harmful chemicals into the air is to use alternative energy sources. Alternative energy sources include geothermal energy, wind power, and hydropower or water energy. Another way to reduce fossil fuel combustion is to limit the amount of fossil fuels used. Another helpful way to reduce chemicals that harm the atmosphere and to put out more

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