Plague Of Wrath Theme Analysis

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The theme is “the anger of Achilles son of Peleus, the accursed anger, which brought the Greeks endless sufferings…” This theme is brought to light at the very beginning of the book 1 Plague and Wrath.

He was furious with Agamemnon for not respecting his priest. Apollo after being called upon decends from the heavens furious he begins to fire his arrows upon those who had wronged the old priest. Apollo also inflicted a deadly plague on Agamemnon 's army and destroyed his men.
Nothing all that exciting happened really. Agamemnon and Achilles bickered back and forth but no blood shed happened as a result of their differences because the king Nestor and the goddess Athene intervened. Eventually a ship was sent into the water filled with offerings for the enraged god Apollo. The ship was loaded with cattle amongst other animals for sacrifices to the god and it also seated fair-cheeked Chryseis on board. They offered perfect sacrifices of bulls and goats to Apollo on the shore of the murmuring sea.
Hector is a kind and loving father/husband. Upon his arrival to his home he is unable to find his wife or son. He frantically searched for them and asks the female servant where they
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Explain using examples from the Iliad that support your position. Despite his eventual defeat I’d much rather have the kind hearted Hector as my hero. Hector is presented as being not only a great but also as a caring induvial. This is displayed when Hector returns home and franticly searches for his family and is not angered by their disappearance. Achilles on the other hand is Hector’s opposite, towards the beginning of the story he is presented as being selfish noncompliant to his superiors. He has an at times uncontrollable temper which often drives him to partake in foolish actives despite the unfavorable end result of his actions. An example of this is how his life is actually shortened as a direct result of his

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