Achievements Of Horace Hayden: The Medal Of Freedom

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The Medal of Freedom is a very important honor to receive. It is the highest civilian honor given in the United States. The award is given to people who make an influential contribution to American society. One person who shows these expectations is Horace Hayden. Horace Hayden, born on October 13, 1769, was one of the first, most successful people in dentistry (Pierre Fauchard Academy). He discovered many ideas, theories, and concepts that are still useful today for many dentists, hygienist, and assistants. Horace Hayden is an excellent candidate and should receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
Hayden had to go through a lot of education to reach his passions and his major accomplishments. At the age of 10 years old, Hayden started
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When he started to go into carpentry with his father, he thought that architecture work was what he wanted to do with his life. That all changed when he met Dr. Greenwood in a professional visit to New York in 1792 (Hyson). When he met Dr. Greenwood he admired Greenwood 's dental skills because Dr. Greenwood was George Washington 's personal dentist. From there, Hayden borrowed some of Greenwood 's books on dentistry (Hyson). Once he started to read and study dentistry he finally found his passion that he has been waiting for. Then, in 1800 he became as assistant to Dr. Thomas Hamilton (Hyson). Dr. Thomas Hamilton was one of America 's leading dentists since 1769, so this made Horace Hayden feel important (Hyson). On March 9, 1801, Dr. Hamilton left Baltimore for New York City and left Hayden in charge of his office. That day, he finally got own dental office (Hyson). Then, Hayden moved his office to 149 Market Street on June 1, 1804 (Hyson). Finally, in 1810, Dr. Hayden was issued his license by the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland (Hyson). From there, he started to give lectures on dental physiology and pathology to the medical students at the University of Maryland (Hyson). In the same year that Dr. Hayden received his license, he wanted to prove his medical qualifications. He published the article, "Observations on Ulcerated Tonsils" in the New York Medical Repository (Hyson). After …show more content…
The most major accomplishment that he accomplished was the founding of Baltimore College of Dental Surgery in 1840 with Chapin Harris (Hyson). This was the world 's first institution exclusively dedicated to dental education. This college that he founded also was the first institution to award a D.D.S. degree. At the age of 70, he was the college’s first president and professor of dental physiology and pathology (Hyson). Also, Horace Hayden was elected a director of the Maryland Academy of Fine Arts (Hyson). The next thing that he founded was the American Society of Dental Surgeons (Hyson). This was the first national dental organization. He served as the organization’s president until he died (Hyson). He actually even served in the 1812 war as an assistant surgeon (Windsor Historical Society of Windsor). He even founded the American Journal of Dental Science in 1839 (Windsor Historical Society of Windsor). In response he received the honorary D.D.S degree as an adjunct to society membership (Windsor Historical Society of Windsor). Hayden also discovered many things in his life time. Horace Hayden discovered a new mineral. He named it Haydenite in his honor (Hyson). Hayden also uncovered the acid theory for dental cavities. He stated in his medical Repository, "I feel no hesitation in saying that the decay in human teeth is occasioned almost

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