Deng Achievements

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I will talk about my view of Deng’s biggest achievements and mistakes on his policies on Tibet. When we come to his achievements in policies on Tibet, he tried hard to come up with methods to improve the relationship between the leaders in Beijing and Tibetans when Deng came to power, such as reestablish relations with Dalai Lama by achieving this in late 1978 when Deng became the leader of China . But this is not enough to reduce the hostilities and contradiction of Tibetan minority towards the Han majority stemmed from the cultural revolution in which Red guards and collectivization destroy Tibetan culture and Tibetan got bloody oppressed , thus Deng realized the important of containing Tibetan culture and Tibet’s drive for autonomy , he …show more content…
At that time , the real political power over important decisions would still in the power of the Chinese , which is the aspect dissatisfied Dalai Lama who wanted to decide all the affair relating Tibet . After the failure to bridge the gap with Dalai Lama, Deng established a new policy in order to win the goodwill of Tibetans and dealing with separatist , Deng supported the economic development in Tibet and even on the national priorities list , with government supporting for markets and financial assistance , it strengthened the market linkage between Tibet and other part of country in the hope of gaining greater support of Tibetan people towards central government , but this actually generated problems , the number of the outsiders who settled in Tibet threatening to outnumber Tibetan people for the economic opportunities resulted in Chinese economic assistance , therefore , Tibetan people had to learn Chinese culture and Mandarin for further their careers , which became more integrated into the Han and the outside economy , this would generate greater anti-Han feeling for their fear of their culture and identity being assimilated and oppressed by the Han while their loyalty towards Tibetan identity were not abandoned , it deepened the contradiction between them and generated resistance . Apart from that , Deng did not transfer the positive message about the racial problem to the Han . The central government realized Dalai Lama to appeal western support , which enabled the Tibetan to attract great attention from western world , then it stimulate the central government to further tightened the control on Tibet for the fear of separatist movement and resistance activities with the help of western world , at that time , the Han believed how ungrateful the Tibetans are despise financial support from the Chinese through being

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