The Influence Of British Imperialism In China

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The growth of the Chinese economy was affected by the western world and its influences and not by China 's own growth ambitions, because the British needed to boost their own economy with expansion.
The British Empire was always seeking to grow and acquire new territory and expand their trade routes encountered a flourishing Chinese Empire that had many goods for trade. The British demand for these goods outgrew their own financial resources of the empire, allowing for an eventual take over by the British of the Chinese economy. This would eventually lead to a British footprint that would last for many years within China and still have an effect in today’s world. This led many Chinese individuals to realize that their own country could not
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The footprint that the British Imperialism left behind helped China in some ways grow and in others harmed their culture, though the British did not hesitate to force themselves into another culture having an assumption it was their rightful thing to do. While China was forced by treaties to open foreign ports of trade, these ports would eventually allow China to become successful in trading to other nations which helped boost their economy. The industrialization of China with the help of Western nations allowed them to advance with other nations of the world and not left behind along with major improvements in medical treatments. The British influence emerged during this time also to include the instruction of English as a language, which is still required in this day and age. The major negative impact left behind by the British helping China to industrialize was the pollution and overpopulation created by this major growth. The century old British interests, official and private, were simply too deeply entrenched into the Chinese culture to be uprooted from China during the “British

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