Accountability For The Executive, A Good Standard Of Accountability

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When assessing as to whether there are sufficient measures of accountability for the executive, it first must be taken into consideration what a good standard of accountability is. According to Gregory and Hicks, the method of accountability should be mechanistic and not one followed simply by rules and procedures. O’Loughlin on the other hand interjects that there is a need of responsiveness by the government to local needs and demands and the members of the public are customers that enforce their sanctions through political processes. Mulgan states that responsiveness and accountability have two different meanings and should therefore not be linked; a government being more responsive does not mean they should be more accountable.
What is clear from the outset is that people have many different perceptions of what accountability is and how the executive should be accountable for their actions. It is no surprise then, that there has always been an issue surrounding the use and abuse of powers by government bodies, as well as ambiguity as to where the line should be drawn. Public bodies in general should be held accountable legally for their activities in the same way any individual or private body would, but this is unfortunately not the case. It can be argued that public bodies are treated more tolerantly when it comes to their responsibilities. This can be due to certain factors surrounding the bodies that make it much more difficult to impose such strict regulations.…

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