Essay Accomplishments And Achievements Of The Field Of Engineering

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When one imagines the great influencers of society, images of the rich and famous deluge the mind, filling the imagination with stories of success and prosperity. In the field of engineering, figures like Steve Jobs, Nicola Tesla, and Madame Curie crowd the mind. Their monumental inventions clink and clatter in one’s head, reminding the daydreamer of all that’s possible within science. On a smaller level, the people that hold the greatest sway on an individual 's life are usually parents and teachers. Rather than being a distant idol, these people personally inspire others to fulfill their dreams. I have been extremely fortunate to have many brilliant engineering role models in my life. Both of my parents are engineers and I’ve had many wonderful STEM teachers, however ironically, the greatest influencer in my engineering career is neither involved in engineering nor associated with science. As of now, this person isn’t even in high school. It was my 11-year-old family friend and cancer survivor, Nathan, who initially motivated me to pursue a career in biomedical engineering.
Nathan was diagnosed with lymphoma in late 2013, while I was finishing up my last year of middle school. Before Nathan’s diagnosis, I must admit, I was not particularly interested in the sciences. Though I’d always had a flair for the field, my mind was clouded with dreams of camera lights, movie stars, and other pop-culture driven fantasies. My childlike delusions, however, were shattered by this…

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