Accident Prevention Manual Essay

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Public Works and Services Safety Program


2002 Public Works and Services Government of the Northwest Territories Box 1320 Yellowknife NT X1A 2L9 Canada

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1. PWS Safety Policy

PWS is committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions and to promoting positive attitudes toward safety and health. Department managers will work actively with employees and contractors to identify and correct unsafe or unhealthy working conditions and practices. PWS recognizes that workplace safety is a shared responsibility. Everyone is responsible for the prevention of accidents.

PWS Accident Prevention

September 2002 Page 1

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Health and Safety Committees
PWS has decided to have work site Health and Safety committees at these places: • Fort Smith • Hay River • Ft. Simpson • Yellowknife and North Slave Regional Office • Norman Wells • Inuvik Each committee should include both office and shop staff. Article 40 of the Collective Agreement has a lot of information about what the committees should do. The WCB also gives training on the role of Health and Safety Committees.

PWS Accident Prevention

September 2002 Page 5

4. Safe Driving

Safety is important on the project, in the office and also in the vehicle you drive on government business.

PWS Vehicle Use Rules
These rules apply to employees of PWS and to contractors who use PWS vehicles. Vehicles include cars, vans, pick-up trucks and other motorized vehicles that are used by PWS staff. All the Time • Use seat belts. • • Use PWS vehicles only for PWS business. No hauling private citizens unless it is work-related. Don’t smoke in the vehicle.

Before You Drive • Make sure all windows are clear and clean. • • • • Walk around the vehicle. Does everything look okay? Make sure material and equipment are properly stowed. Do normal safety checks (such as checking fluid levels) and report problems and unsafe vehicles to your supervisor. If you are on call or work after normal hours, talk to your supervisor about approval to take the vehicle home. You may be reimbursed for reasonable expenses, if

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