Academic Scholarly Journals Of Academic Journals Essay

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Subscription services have come to dominate academic publishing. Subscription-based services used for academic purposes are commonly referred to as research databases. They are particularly useful for retrieving articles in academic journals, repositories, archives, or other group of scientific or other articles. Academic journals consist of present original research, review articles, and book reviews in different scholarly disciplines. In academic journals, new research can be introduced and critiqued, just as old research can also be critiqued (Wysocki). So, it is easy to see why these research databases are an important academic tool. Scholarly journals are held to a high esteem and seen as the benchmark of academic excellence. It is according to the contents of these journals that decision are made as to what material is made available to the public at large. Publishers who own most of these databases became entrenched in academia in the 1950s and 1960s, after the launch of the Soviet space program – whose success lead to more scientific publishing. In the 1990s, the commercial aspect of academic publishing became fully established. Large publication companies began buying or building new journals and raising prices (Wysocki). There is seemingly a reason for the structure that exist in the world of academic publishing, with the most important reason being given as the need to separate quality material from non-quality material. This is done through a comprehensive method…

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