Academic Performance And School Involvement Essay

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Friendships are important for development and can lead to differences in academic performance and school involvement for the positive and negative. Due to friends often sharing the similar motivations, behaviors, and attitudes, researchers decided to see if there is a link between academic performance and depression symptoms at the intrapersonal and interpersonal levels. Intrapersonal is defined as involvement at the self-level, as interpersonal is involvement at the partner level. Chow, Tan, and Buhrmester, from Eastern Michigan University, University of Michigan, and University of Texas, hypothesize there is a link between depression symptoms and academic performance that are caused by school involvement at the intrapersonal level and the interpersonal level. The importance of this experience is to see if individuals have impacts on their friends.
Results concluded that individuals, known in this experiment as mediated partners, have impacts on their friends by having more depressive symptoms with lower academic performance. Mediated partners, who have depressive symptoms, have friends with lower academic performance and lower school involvement. Selection and socialization processes explain the link to friendship connections. Poor academic performance is caused by problems with substance abuse, delinquent behaviors, and aggression. Basically, friendships affect the person’s life with their choices.
The interdependence study was of younger children between symptoms of…

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