Academic Motivation : Motivation And Motivation Essay

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Academic motivation, in summary, is how motivated a student is to complete work given

within their educational environment and how certain decisions can affect their future

academically which can lead to drastic changes throughout their lives. Studies have been made to

evaluate the academic motivation throughout different groups with different backgrounds and

different ethnicities, just to name a couple. Self­efficacy and the emotions involved play a major

role with academic motivation because if you do not believe in yourself, you will not be

motivated enough to outstandingly perform in your academics, which brings us to academic self­ motivation. Academic motivation is also influenced by family or peers; the downside to this kind

of motivation is that it can also bring negative influences depending on how the student is raised. Introduction

The way we perceive academic motivation, determines how we view certain aspects of

our lives. We have the decision to make good choices in our academics and how we come about

these decisions will be based on our academic motivation. Different emotional and motivational

theories affect our academic performance and these theories correlate with each other in multiple

ways. One of our main concerns was to research how emotions affect self­regulated learning, motivation, and academic achievement. Academic motivation can relate back to the student’s life

at home, groups of friends, and how students relate to others in the…

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