Does Social Support Influence Motivation?

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Social support is very important in different aspects in our life especially if we trying to motivate and set goals for our self. A big part of Experimental social psychology focuses on social support and the effect it has on individuals. Some people like having someone by their side, as it motivates them to push and achieve their goals more instead of being alone. In our research our predictor variables are intrinsic vs. extrinsic, and will power beliefs. The purpose of this study is to examine if social support may have an effect in individuals when setting a motivation goal.
Social support plays an important role in the education system to prevent academic failure. It is known that friendships and motivation help us succeed in different
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However, we don’t really know if that is the truth, because there are also other people who influence us to do well in life or are our social supporters. This study focused on examining how the role of perceived social support in adolescent’s academic motivation and achievements were from three different perspectives. They examined social support from parents, peers, and teachers (Song et al., 2014). After investigating, the results showed that it is very true that parental academic support has a high effect on mastery goals, stronger performance approach goals, stronger performance goals and also higher test anxiety (Song et al., 2014). This is not surprising to me, because I can support each one of those goals and even the test anxiety. Having higher test anxiety from parental academic support makes sense from the other groups like peers and teachers because there is that pressure that we want to make our parents proud and happy more than our peers and …show more content…
As a community, and country we need people to come together in achieving a healthier life and being healthy overall. This country has more fast foods on the roads than healthy places where people can seek for help. This study focuses on obesity in women’s health. The study examined relationship between body esteem, exercise motivations, depression and social support among female free clinic patients. One interesting key factor they tested is how U.S born female participant’s reported lower exercise motivations when compared with non-U. S born female (Kamimura et al., 2015). This shows that females in other countries are having more social support, and are being taught about being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle, where the U.S born female participants not so much. In conclusion we need more social support for our free clinic women, and women in general. Social support in being healthy is a great factor to increase motivation and reach future goals. In conclusion I hypothesize that the main effect of social support in intrinsic vs. extrinsic will be higher when having the social support. I hypothesize that will be a high interaction between social support and extrinsic motivation in completing a goal. Our research study will show that extrinsic goals will be high when social support is presented in a

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