Abstinence Only Sex Education And Why It Should Lose Federal Funding

2087 Words Dec 19th, 2014 9 Pages
The negative effects of abstinence-only sex education and why it should lose federal funding
Conner Siems
Westview High School

There are many tests that high schoolers wish to pass, but there is one that nearly all of them hope turns out negative. The results of the classic pregnancy test, as stressful as any final or midterm, bring either extreme relief or powerful emotions of fear and sadness to teenagers. Sadly, there are government-sponsored programs that inadvertently cause more young women to pass this upside-down examination. Abstinence-only sex education programs are almost completely ineffective at achieving their goal of getting students to abstain from sex until marriage. Without proper safe sex education, sexually active youth will not know how to keep themselves safe from pregnancy or infection, or at the very least will result to believing ill-advising rumors in order to try to have sex safely. Abstinence-only sex ed programs often teach incorrect information to their students, sometimes using guilt or fear in their curriculum. This method of sex education also advocates for students to remain virgins until marriage. By setting marriage as the requirement for sexual initiation, non-heterosexuals who live in states where they cannot marry are practically being told they cannot have sex. Although abstinence-only sex education may be effective for a handful of young people, it is ineffective for the large majority of the youth and consequently…

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