Essay on Abstinence Education For The Adolescent Teen

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Abstinence Education for the Adolescent Teen
Like many other teens, Susan always thought about having sex because most of her friends stated that they had already done it. At the age of 16 years old, Susan was an honor roll student, was never dishonest, nor disobedient, and had a lot going for herself. She was a junior in high school when she met her boyfriend Jim. The couple were inseparable. Susan and Jim after a double date outing with some friends, made the choice to engage in a sexual activity of romance.
It was everything her friends said it would have been. After coming home from school, Susan noticed that she had missed a menstrual cycle and thought it might have been from the stress of hoping she got accepted into the college she had been really hoping for. After becoming ill she realized she had become pregnant. Something that was definitely unplanned, she went to her boyfriend Jim who in the end wanted nothing to do with Susan or their unborn child.
This became exceptionally devastating to her. Susan’s parents in the past discussed with her the hard and emotional struggles that came with having sex and that if she chose to do so, to be protected at all times. When she was a freshman in high school she took a sex education class that also taught her values of being safe when having intercourse as well as the health and life consequences that comes along with it. Because she was a Christian abortion was certain out of the question.
Even though her friends engaged…

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